Preemptive Aftermath?

Since I'm at work right now, and likely most of the festivities will be over by the time I get home, I figure I'll take a stab at this whole "aftermath" thingy.

now, on to the peeps who i met:
LitBolt= fucking awesome, but this guy does NOT GET DRUNK...its uncanny.(let me clarify...its not that he doesn't just doesn't affect him.
Martian_Bob = fucking awesome grill master, and a good friend of mine. He didn't stick around for the after-grill festivities, but thats excusable.
sublies = i really like the way this guy thinks...but i think that his milwaukee-style drink-fu is too hardcore for me.
BrooksMarlin = fucking awsome as well. he kept a log of good one-liners. expect a list of of them, completely out of context, to be posted here soon, i'd imagine.
enth = very very cool and knowledgeable, and a great sport. he even played a game of Magic with me. wonderful person to talk with about all things computers.
Girlface showed up late, but she was very cool, and tolerant of the rampant drunkeness and did her best to catch up ;p apparently a "local", but I hadn't met her before yesterday.
chancel a very sweet girl. She made mix cds for everyone. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but it looks good. I'm envious of her garden...I can't manage to get basil to grow :(
jmc = English Major + Computer Geek...he knows way too much about Foucault, but thats not *really* a bad thing ;p
Sir.Cracked did indeed rock pretty hardcore. he's another local that i've never met.
Shoot! I almost forgot about Natch!. A great hostess, as always.

anyway. being that i spent friday evening/night at a friend's graduation party, i'll just write about saturday, for which i think i was there for all of.

sat morning...i wake up.
martian_bob is supposed to call me when he wants me to bring my cooler over, and i receive said call at approximately noon. so i head over there, we pack up all the meat and veggies and cheese and buns and orangutans and fruit bats and breakfast cereals, and then we are raring to head up to Beautiful, Pristine, Lake MacBride.
or so we thought.
due to no small fault of my own, mb and i ended up at Coralville Lake. in my own defense, i thought that there was only one lake/campground in the area. but that's ok, because none of the others had left Iowa City yet. so we tell them to get their collective asses in gear, we turn around, and we head to the real lake macbride.
we take a wrong turn in the Metropolis of Solon, and end up in Mt. Vernon.
turn around, drive another hour, and finally get to lake macbride.
the others still haven't left yet :( regardless, we hang out and munch on some of the veggies that we had with us. finally we see a caravan of noder-looking people.
by this time, i realized that i wouldn't be making it to work today like i thought that i might (it was something like 2pm right now, with work staring at 3:30).
so i called in sick.
bad boy.
ah well.
so we find the campsites, unpack stuff, and then for some reason we decide to go back to natch's place. i don't get it, but whatever.
on the way there everyone pulls over, which was disturbing. apparently someone thought of another place that we might like better.
guess where?
coralville lake.
we were just there.
the lead car managed to pass the camping area for cv lake, and we headed back to natch's anyway, where mb proceeded to break out his mad 14-inch grill and go to town.
we were grilling up a storm and i'm sure we pissed off more than a few neighbors. i know this because one of the others pointed out that an angry man kept looking out his window at us.
fearing police intervention, we packed most of the stuff up and brought it inside. mb finished the grilling, brought it up, hung out for a while, and then ditched us for his girl. thats ok though.
i don't really have any solid time-line for what the hell happened in there, but we had some fun. but please, please remember:
beer before liquor, never been sicker.
liquor before beer, all clear.


so here is what i can remember that happened, in no particular order.

  • enth made a sort of weird vodka+cranberry juice+citron+sprite thing (this happened twice). tasted like ice tea, but much more alcoholic.
  • i peed. a lot.
  • jmc fell asleep
  • so did chancel
  • so did sublies
  • much water was drunk
  • much beer was drunk
  • much baily's was drunk
  • much other stuff was drunk
  • much cheetos were munched
  • much music was played
  • much flirting was done (mostly by natch ;p)
  • litbolt ran a game of sac 7a
  • i don't think anyone won it
  • i played a game of magic against enth. my mad counterburn deck barely took out his old-skool necro deck variant
  • i spent a lot of time just talking to people about stuff. this is bound to happen with so many people who love knowledge for the sake of knowledge.
  • dirty jenga was played. it really wasn't as dirty as i thought it would be. the wording on the blocks is pretty liberal. Brooks was the scapegoat, but he took it well
  • 5 am is when the party stopped. or at least that's when i stumbled back across the parking lot to my apartment and fell asleep
i woke up this morning with the worst hangover in my life. finally got out of the house at 2pm this afternoon to catch everyone else going out *for breakfast* lol. anyway, being that i had to be at work soon, and my inebriation from the night before put me in no condition to eat anything (or at least, not able to eat anything, and keep it down, but i won't ever mention that again), i made pleasantries, and walked to work. and then i wrote this node.

I don't really have any closing comments or anything, but I had a lot of fun yesterday, despite the bit of unorganization we had towards the beginning. You guys all r0XX0rs hardcore. Y'all come back now, y'hear?