This is a song by Devo from the album Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and is an irreverant poke at organized religion, of which the guys in Devo are not fans (they prefer the disorganized religion of the Church of the SubGenius). The song is seemly taken from an earlier church hymm - much like their unreleased (except on Recombo DNA) track "I Saw Jesus" which is about seeing Jesus at various places and then having gay sex with him - the latter part I'm pretty sure Devo added. This song, like many of Devo's songs, appears to be mainly about frustrated masturbation.

The "Praying Hands" refer to the symbol of disembodied floating hands clasped in prayer. This is a common Christian symbol and is represented in bronze at the Oral Roberts University. The statue at the main entrance of the school was cast in Juarez, Mexico and at the time (1980) was the largest bronzework in the world. Today it has the glory of just being gigantic and ugly.