The Korg MS-2000 is an analog modeling digital synthesizer that uses a somewhat modified version of the DSP-powered analog modeling system found in the Prophecy, Z1 and Electribe models. Introduced as a retro throw-back to the 70's prog synths, it looks like just that (only with an added LCD display) - right down to the (faux) wood-paneling on the sides. It does an amazing job of duplicating the range of sounds available with an analog synthesizer, as well as the look and feel of one. As an added bonus since it is digital, you don't have to worry about occasionally needing to "reset" it due to random wonkiness.

It has two oscillators, a noise generator, vocoding capabilities, a 16-step mod sequencer, two timbres, two EG's and LFO's per timbre, two mod wheels, an apeggiator, distortion, delay and four note polyphony. It has four filter types: two types of low pass filter (-12/-24 dB), band pass filter, and high pass filter.

The MS-2000 has MIDI in, out and through capabilities, stereo phono output, headphone output, two control inputs (one for pedal, one for switch) and two audio inputs.

It also features an ingenious "virtual patch" system that mimics the patching capabilities of the synthesizers in the old MS line. The keyboard version has 44 keys, but there is also a rack mount version designated the MS-2000R. Korg has also released a slight update to this synth known as the MS-2000B.