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Some words from "Ferenczy"

I hope you like my (few and meagre) nodes - or if not, at the very least that you hate them with every fibre of your being. I'd be most upset if they provoked no response at all. I'd be concerned you'd all fallen asleep or some such.

My personal life won't be appearing here. I've read a few daylogs and found them interesting for the main part, but ultimately I'm quite a private person. You probably wouldn't find my life entertaining anyway (even the bits with the ninjas).

I'm fascinated by trivia and the obscure, and that's the sort of writeups I'll be hoping to bring to you. To me, everything is connected to everything else, so as I say - "Trivia is the glue that keeps the well-known stuff stuck together". ;-)

Ferenczy's Not-A-Mission-Statement

Over the years, certain people (and you are all noted down in my little book) have accused me of looking at the world in a "weird" or "unsettling" manner.

I refute this absolutely! How many of you have said at some point in your lives that the world is insane / doesn't make sense? I base my entire perception on such a precept. As such I simply reflect how such a world appears through my eyes and other senses...

Thoughts of the Moment

I may be hallucinating right now...