Bowser is the typical video game antagonist who just won't die. Apparently being shot repeatedly with fireballs and flying off the screen, falling into bottomless pits and falling into lava does not imply death, for he always returns, except for in Super Mario Bros. 2, where Wart was the antagonist.

Bowser is a badass. He's your average raging hormones guy who just wants a girlfriend. So he takes the girl, and some plumber wearing red and blue throws hammers, plungers, and fireballs at him. The nerve!

Also known as King Koopa, Bowser has become playable quite a few of Nintendo's video games. His first playable experience came in Super Mario Kart for the SNES, where his strength was speed and weight. His large, grotesque body with a shell full of spikes allowed him to knock his opponents off the side of the road with ease. His strength became his weakness, however, because his immense mass slows acceleration.

Bowser's second appearance is in Super Mario RPG, where he joins your party as a godly character with an extremely high attack rating. His weapons enclose various claws and chain chomps. Developed by Squaresoft, an interesting twist is put on our turtle-like friend. He is no longer the antagonist after his keep is taken over by a giant sword called Exor ruled by the powerful Smithy. In an effort to regain his status as the main badass, Bowser claims to let Mario and the gang join the "Koopa Troop" when in reality he joins Mario's party.

Bowser's next appearances are for the N64. In Super Mario Kart 64, where he plays the same role as in the first Super Mario Kart. In Mario Tennis and Mario Golf his role highlights his immense size that reduces his speed, and his immense power.

Bowser's current role is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube, where he can use belly stomps, claw slashes, fire breath, and a shell-shocking type of attack.