A most excellent ale produced by the Redhook Ale Brewery. Like any ale, it is produced with top-fermenting yeast, but it's not one of those crisp light bitters most people think of when you say ale. Rather it is a porter style ale, dark and heavy, tasting of malt and bitter hops, with intriguing hints of chocolate and coffee to stimulate the palate. The actual ingredients used to brew this ambrosia include both malted and unmalted roasted barley, caramel, and three varieties of hops. In appearance it could pass for a dark coffee with frothy foam on top. It's bitterness is measured at 35.5 IBU, and it contains 5.69% alcohol by volume. One 12 ounce serving contains 161 calories and is recommended as the perfect compliment for charred or grilled meats, smoked salmon, or oysters. I personally recommend it as a perfect sipping beer, or as a chaser to a good shot of bourbon as well. Redhook has been brewing this ale since 1983, and it has a very loyal following.