The company started in 1958 founded by Charles Roberts. Since then Avalon Hill has consistently published/produced some of the finest board games ever. Roberts was moderately successful until 1962 when he was forced, due to debts, to sell the company to his printer Monarch Services, owned by the Dott family, who placed Tom Shaw in charge.

After 1970 Avalon Hill broke with traditional methods of war game publishing by accepting and publishing games created from outside of the company. In 1976 Avalon Hill published a line of game acquired from 3M that had decided to go out of the game business. This break in tradition led to ridicule from some of there competitors in particular SPI.

After SPI folded a couple of years later Avalon Hill acquired many of their game titles and published them under the title “Victory Games”. Many of these games dealt with themes that had previously not been touched. By 1997-98 the company was in trouble and was sold to Hasbro Games Company for $6 million.

After a long delay Hasbro re-launched the brand in 1999 with the release of 4 games: Diplomacy, Acquire and two new games Stratego Legends and Axis and Allies: Europe.

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The following is a list of some of the best games (IMHO) published by Avalon Hill/Victory Games. A complete list, which includes publishing dates, author and other info can be found at :