A corporate culture; the atmosphere at work.

Some examples:

  • 80s technology sector - Cheese doodles, orange soda, and grubby clothing. Highly permissive "Montessori Method" environment. "Just go out there and do something insanely great."
  • 80s financial sector - Cocaine, loose sex, harming others indiscriminately. Highly anal about time management. Close management of subordinates to the point of internal bleeding, i.e. documenting each time someone is three minutes late.
  • Quizro's Island Monarchy - Goes on the premise that everyone is an adult. One should be responsible, be meticulous about one's work for the work's sake; active management should be unnecessary, or at least undesirable.
  • 90s dotcoms - Promise them everything; deliver nothing. Feast off of young people's dreams of a successful IPO. Offer the friendly-seeming atmosphere of the 80s technology sector: foosball, free Coke machines. Unfortunately, they also offer a chance for you to work 120 hours a week with 8 hours of sleep on future promises of glory, and the chance to eat a paycheck when they don't make payroll.

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