So I was 'way late to an event with my family because I had an impossible deadline, and a very pissed off editor. I told my spouse, go, I'll catch up on my trusty bike, which I did -- with 60 seconds to spare! Woohoo!

I went home with my family, intending to get it the next day. By the time I went to go get it, it was stolen.

You have to understand, this is a bike with no intrinsic value to anyone but me. You could probably get one for ten bucks at a pawn shop. I'm currently in my mid-thirties -- I bought this bike when I was thirteen. It's old. It's beat up. The seat cover's been ripped for TWENTY FRIGGIN' YEARS. Yet, I am pretty disciplined about locking it up, and that day was no exception.

Nonetheless, someone destroyed a perfectly good city sign to get it. The cop who took the police report told me that he's seen bike thieves saw through a small tree trunk to get at old and rusty bikes.

People will steal anything, folks.