I just said that to my far-away buddy in an email. I guess what I meant was that he should not let the bastards get him down.

Why does life suck sometimes? Why is money always such an issue -- when you don't have it, that is. It's easy to believe that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you can't possibly get ahead. It ain't that bad. Just ask someone to tell you of good things that are happening in life.

Of course, you could just get cynical and bitter, or just lose it, laugh madly, madly, madly out of control. ("You spin... like a Cadillac falling off a cliff... on television")

To (possibly badly) quote the immortal Las Vegas poet Dayvid Figler (and fans, forgive me if I miss a few words):

Every time I get a lttle money,
something bad happens
something bad and expensive
so now
instead of saving my money
I piss it all away on drugs