Contrary to information in previous nodes, New Hampshire is a wonderful place to live. We have no income tax, though we have a high property tax and many sin taxes. We have the many NH State Liquor stores, which is the Home Depot of alcohol. Fireworks are legal in NH.

We have a small stretch of coastline. We also have the Great Lakes region at which Billy Mitchell scored the highest possible score in Pac-man (which incidentally is 3,333,360) on July 4th, 1999. We don't require people to wear helmets while riding on motorcycles. The Appalachian Trail runs through Hanover, New Hampshire, across the Dartmouth campus.

Our state motto is "Live Free or Die" which is sometimes misconstrued by folks who have never been to Minnesota as "Live Freeze or Die".

Many famous folks have come from New Hampshire (all famous folks come from some place): Robert Frost, Horace Greeley, Adam Sandler, J.D. Salinger, Alan B. Shepard Jr., Josiah Bartlett, Franklin Pierce, John Stark, Daniel Webster, and others.

The population of New Hampshire (less than 2 million) is much less than the population of New York City. But we have a lot more space to live in.

We were the first state to declare our independence from England. We had the first free public library. We had the first mountain climbing cog railroad (up Mount Washington). We adopted the first legal lottery in the US.

We are the first state to vote in the primarys. When other states move their primary day before ours, we change ours too.

There is no way to get good sushi in NH. But you can drive to Boston for that culture stuff.

The first potato planted in North America was planted in Londonderry, New Hampshire in 1719. It was brought over from Ireland but originally the potato is from South America.