Wrestling terminology.

Dirtsheets originated as fanzine-type 'insider' newsletters revealing the secrets and behind-the-scenes news of the pro wrestling game. In a time before the Internet, 90% of wrestling fans were complete marks, most of whom actually believed that the entire package put out by the likes of the WWF and the NWA was real.

The only way to get the non-kayfabed information was through these newsletters, which became known by the promoters and wrestlers themselves as 'dirtsheets'.

With the rise of the internet and insider websites with reliable sources such as RajahWWF.com and 1Wrestling.com, the importance of the dirtsheets has diminished somewhat, but sheets that have made the transition to the web and 1-900 phonelines have prospered - Wade Keller's Pro Wrestling Torch, and Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer being two of the most respected.