Pro wrestling maneuveur.

The Senton Bomb is devastating enough to be used as a finisher, but in these days of 450 degree Shooting Star Sharpshooter Rock Bottoms, is the sort of move that would be best described as 'high risk offence'.

Performed from the top turnbuckle, the Senton Bomb is nothing more than a jump, landing upon your opponent in a sitting position, buttocks first.

In his ECW days, Bubba-Ray Dudley used the Senton to great effect, often through tables.

Interesting misnoma: As the Hardy Boyz gained popularity and Jeff began to use his somersault splash as one half of the team finisher, Jim Ross called is as a 'Senton Bomb'. The name stuck until, after some discussion amongst the internet smarts on the subject (and undoubtedly amongst the boys backstage too), the move was renamed the Swanton Bomb (like a swan dive, i guess, you do the math).