Character in Quentin Tarantino's breakthrough movie Reservoir Dogs, played by Chris Penn.

Nice Guy Eddie is the son of Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney), a crime boss who organises the diamond heist around which the film is built. Neither Joe nor Eddie have an active role in the heist, and hence are both still alive for the finale of the film, in which they, along with Mr White (Harvey Keitel) are engaged in a Mexican Standoff over the life of Mr Orange (Tim Roth).

While all the other main stars of the film are clad throughout in sharp black suits, white shirts and black ties, Eddie is the epitome of the misplaced fashion statements made by Mob-wannabes everywhere - a shellsuit top, chunky gold jewellery, unkempt curly hair and loafers.

The reason for his name is unknown to this writer. Eddie is not a nice guy.