Clone motherboards, cards and so on, never have good labeling. Good markings take time, and of course, money. The majority of what you pay for when you buy top-notch products is not the product it's self, but the extra's. Labeling, good manuals, and available drivers that are highly compatible, that’s what the extra cost is for. Ever work on upgrading a Dell built server on the same day as a cheap import? It’s amazing. The same upgrade (adding 256 of RAM, setting Wake on LAN, and adding a second processor) took only a few minutes on the Dell , and over an hour on the cheap import. The problems on the import ran from having to disassemble most of it to get at the second slot, and resetting a lot of BIOS manually (by jumpers). Meanwhile the Dell took only a minute to install the hardware, and a tinker or 2 in soft BIOS…Go figure

Note, I am not pushing Dell here, but I am pushing demanding quality from products