As of the first quarter of 2001, unregistered aircraft apparently continue to spray unknown chemicals into the skies above first world, industrialized population centers with increasing regularity.

While major media sources continue to ignore the activity, the body of evidence accumulated by private individuals is very large. --Although, in keeping with the cultural trend of the last 100 years in regard to unpopular or un-officilized news, most of the general population either deny or remain unaware of the situation.

Among those who take the information seriously, the actual reason for the continued atmospheric distribution of the unknown chemicals, remains a matter of debate.

Common theories include:

1) Distribution of chemicals designed to cull, immunize, or otherwise affect the physiological or psychological health of the populace.

2) Atmospheric and Weather control testing by unknown agencies. (The theory being that a microwave sensitive layer of chemical is deposited in the sky, and then manipulated from afar by microwave radiation.)

3) A process necessary for military or other satellites to effectively monitor the possible deployment of biological weapons.

4) A method for ehancing topographical radar scans from sea going vessels. (Providing a 'ducting' medium to bounce projected em from)

5) An effort to combat the greenhouse effect by reflecting a portion of the sun's energy away from the planet. (With microscopic particles of reflective material mixed into the spray chemicals)

There is evidence that several of these theories may be correct; that the agencies involved do not have single goals in the utilization of atmospheric spraying exercises.

My personal opinion on the matter, based on unverified information from esoteric sources, (i.e. channeled), is that at least a very large portion of the whole operation is a bugaboo. --That is, a make-work project of little or no concrete value designed for no other reason than to simply maintain the current budget status of certain military bodies in the wake of post Cold War downsizing.

-A far less sensational explanation, to be certain, and certainly not one which would preclude possible heath hazards presented by the chemicals sprayed, (reported by some to be a mixture of air-craft fuel combined with a sticky, fiber-like contaminant).