Cassiopeia is a constellation in which exists a particularly noisy supernova remnant.

An interesting aspect of this stellar artifact is its recent association with a fairly unique channeling experiment wherein '6th Density' beings calling themselves 'Cassiopaeans' transmit information via Ouija board to a group in Florida, U.S.A..

What makes this particular experiment different from the many hundreds of other channeling groups, (of varying levels of credibility), is the seeming clarity and unusual type of information transmitted.

Of the more fascinating assertions made by the 'Cassiopaeans' is that the Earth, as currently perceived and deemed normal by most of its inhabitants, is in fact a highly engineered environment maintained by various '4th Density' alien groups for the purpose of creating a food source. '4th Density' aliens, it is asserted, feed on the extreme psychic energy created when lower density beings, (humans), are tortured and killed or otherwise suffer various forms of stress, such as disease, romantic tension, orgasm, work related anxiety, etc.

According to the Cassiopaeans, Earth is due for a dramatic and catastrophic change with the arrival of a galactic phenomenon referred to as The Wave. A large scale alien invasion force is also predicted to arrive at this time. All of this is supposedly due to occur sometime around 2006, give or take 6 years. (Time, according to the channeled source, is an illusion and the speed at which it appears to move is highly susceptible to forces beyond human cognition.)