In 1989 the British company Central Films made one of the scariest movies ever. It was based on a book called 'The Woman in Black' by author Susan Hill.

A young solicitor is sent to a small seaside town in England to settle the estate of a recently departed widow. The old manor is on an island that only can be reached by foot when the tide is down. He starts cataloging the invetory of the house when the story takes a chilling turn. Standing just outside the front entrance he feels a pricking in the neck and when he turns around he sees a pale woman dressed in black. This is a frightening scene and sets an atmosphere of pure evil for the rest of the movie.

The roles as the young solicitor and the woman in black are played by Adrian Rawlins and Pauline Moran. Both actors do brilliant jobs.

The movie has been released on both DVD and VHS in North America by BFS Video. So, if you want to spend a night watching a scary movie this is definitely the one you would want to get.