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Hmm.... weelll

I live in Ireland, in Co Clare, which is on the west coast, in an awful little town with nothing whatsoever. I also attend an awful little school, which hasn't been renovated in 40 years... or something, forced to live out my life with dim-witted, racist teenages assholes who have nothing better to do with themselves than go out with a new pimply faced idiot every few weeks, 'go off'(kiss) someone randomly for no reason, and generally be sluts ( that goes for guys and girls)

If you haven't gotten bored and stopped reading by now, my main interests are reading, mainly Sci fi and Fantasy, writing (the same genres, hoping to be published) and FINAL FANTASY!! OMG *the* best games ever made, deep, involving storylines, wonderfully developed characters, stunning graphics... blah blah, anyway, you know I'm OBSESSED BY NOW! My favs are VII and IX, but I love em all. I also like anime, but I mainly read manga comics X/1999, Saiyuki, Fushigi Yugi.. blah everything (well, I hope to read eveything ^_^) I play piano... I'm alright at it, I guess... love guitar but I suck ass... FOOD IS VERY, VERY GOOD!!

As for religeon.... I don't have one WAIT ONE MOMENT BEFORE YOU SAY 'OOOH so YOU'RE AN ATHEIST' Calm down, folks (not to quote my art teacher) just because I haven't been pulled into a major, organised group doesn't mean I don't beleive in god.

OKAAAY... I have ranted majorly here... anyway, see ya ^^