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mission drive within everything
learn everything; teach it; do good to everyone Suitable AnswerP?
penultimate editor, computer troubleshooting, teaching, technical writing, learning new stuff, prime numbers, teaching, aerospace, defense contracting DoD, nuclear, tech support, lots of black work top secret, "special access"
Shimer College/GE + North American Rockwell + many other companies
Another day, another green, blue & yellow ELECTRIC DOLLAR -- paraphrase of the Firesign Theatre's surrealistic humours sic, "Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Mme The Pliers"
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Aleph Beth Gimel or Alpha Beta Gamma: Ancient Bearded Geek: I started in computers when I was 14, developing a routine for infinite-precision multiplication by a divide-and-conquer algorithm. Worked with Altair, Imsai, IBM System/360 and 370s, AIM-65, 9091, Sinclair ZX-80, CDC, Sun Microsystems SPARCstation workstations, LSI-11, PDP-11, Sperry Univac, Data General, a host of dec VAXen, Symbolics native Lisp machines, IBM AS/400, et al, GOKHM?
Owned and worked with Commodore PET 2001 (a great external-equipment controller on the IEEE-488 bus), Apple, Macintosh, and several Wintel PC computers, and probably others I don't remember.
GOKHM assembly languages, a transfinite number of different versions of BASIC (I like the string manipulation), Lisp of course ... I think that's enough for now ... NuP?

BS, Physics MS, Computer Science
14 years of Roman Catholic education, 3 years of Episcopal, almost became a priest ...

Yeah, I think that's enough for now ... SleepP?

... more later. This is a 1st draft. You guys can look at this bio-in-progress and tell me what you think. OKP?

What would you like to knowP? Any QuestionsP?

I like your board. Lots of knowledgeable {users*|members*}*, it seems to me. I need to acquire a mentor. Thank you very much for your time.