Nichts ist wichtiger als individualist.

(Nothing is more important than individuality)

Conformity is not a bad thing, but it really depends on what you are conforming with. No doubt, there are concepts that are worth conforming with, tolerance, freedom, love, the arts,sports,intellect,spirituality - and maybe you don't agree with any or all of those, but what's wrong with defending the right to choose?

At what point do you think letting other's make your decisions for you becomes dangerous? At what point to you step out of conformity and think for yourself?

I'm not arguing with Starrynight that sometimes conformity is a good thing. Granted, if offers a certain level of security to know you have people that back you up, it reduces stress and tension, and some things are, as previously stated, are all right to conform with.

It's when you lose your uniqueness, your art, your soul,your Zen, your balance, your spirit, your originality, your thought process, your ability to question, your ability to create, and your ability to step back from the crowd and see only you, that conformity is wrong.

Conformity becomes dangerous when people forget how to think for themselves.