The node title says judging women by their books, but Sylvar's writeup assumes this means contents of the woman's bookshelf. Using this method may not get you as much information as you think.

I'm not a woman, but...

The books I own (and display) are the ones I'm least likely to have read. They are textbooks for my current classes, or books for old classes that I never read as thoroughly as I would have liked, and intend to read some day without being rushed. Or they are books that people have given me, and whether I've read them or not, I keep them on display in case that person ever visits.

The books to judge me (or a woman) by are the ones you don't see. The library books that were read and returned 0-day, or those I own(ed) and have foisted on to friends and family. The books to judge me by are not the ones I hoard.

That said, this applies mainly to po' people.