Come to me by dark, my lovely. Don't fear
the wind that howls or shadows of dark things
grown thin and ominous, cast by the moon.
You won't need breadcrumbs to find your way back,
You've always known the way. You are not lost.
And you won't lose much, only innocence.

It's no heavy price to pay. Innocence
is over-rated. We learn how to fear
and life's more precious when it can be lost.
We shiver at stories of wicked things
and hold each other tight. Remember back
when we'd shriek as a shadow crossed the moon?

But the reflected light of the full moon
also lures us far from innocence
reveals things best left hidden. Going back
is not a choice. Obsession is, I fear,
often disguised as love and dreadful things
become unearthed. All good intentions lost.

But I will follow you if you get lost;
we'll dance a dread duet beneath the moon.
We'll whisper to each other of the things
best left unsaid. Darling, love's innocence
dies as the truth is told. But never fear,
when you run, a candle will guide you back,

a single candle will light your way back.
Burning brightly, illuminating lost
paths and trailways. You'll run away, I fear.
I'll follow. Hunting you beneath the moon
searching by a candle's light. Innocence
is not enough. It will not stop the dark things.

The gibber and howl and thirst-for-blood things
lie in wait for you. They are patient. Back
then, when you were small (such innocence!)
they said "monsters aren't real". But their game's lost,
Monsters cavort by the light of the moon
and cracked headlights feasting on blood and fear.

And if i tell you there's no need to fear
these malformed, grim and ghastly night-time things
whose solemn dances celebrate the moon,
If I tell you it's safe to turn your back
to them and dance your way, savage and lost
to song you'll wonder why, in innocence.

Is it worth the price of your innocence
to learn the mysteries of those you fear?
When you're older and think of what you've lost,
will you regret the whispered, secret things
I'll share? Ride with me beneath mistress moon
and I'll tell my tales. There's no turning back.

You're coming with me? Good. No looking back
the earth is far below and innocence
is far behind. Look, how lovely the moon
shines down upon us. Don't cry and don't fear,
our destination's close and certain things
will be clearer when other things are lost.

Just in that clearing there. No, I'm not lost.
That ancient, oaken spindle in the back
Once belonged to a fairy queen. Her things
clutter the forest. "There's no innocence
that can't be overcome by wiles. Fear
the weak." That's all I can make out by moon-

light. The fairy once claimed to rule the moon.
This inscription reminds us that she lost.
And the girl who would not give into fear
bested the fairy queen, took her throne back.
you, my love, armored in pure innocence
Remind me of that girl. Remind me of true things.

By now, you must have guessed some of things
I have to tell you underneath the moon.
By now, you must have shed some innocence.
the last bit's easy, my dear, don't get lost:
I'll still be here although there's no way back,
and you are all the things you've come to fear.

When you are all the dark things that you fear,
the shadow of the moon is at your back.
You know well the cost of innocence lost.