Chief Scientific Advisor Wanted

Evil Catullus Enterprises International, llp, a multi-billion dollar global communications, media, information and mass mayhem and destruction company is seeking someone to fill the position of Chief Scientific Advisor for the Island of Unending Despair offices. Successful applicants will have practical experience in subatomic physics, biochemistry, genetic engineering, cybernetics and alchemy. Fluency in sanskrit, latin, cunnieform and Norse Runes is preferred. A total lack of concern for human life and slavish devotion to your cruel master is required. No incognito members of the League of Superheroes need apply.

Please send resume w/ salary history and Laboratory requirements to:

Evil Catullus Enterprises International, llp
Impregnable Fortress of Unimaginable Evil
1600 Fluffy Bunny Ln
Island of Unending Despair

Evil Catullus Enterprises International, LLP is an equal-opportunity destoyer.