At this writing, Marc has been here twenty-four hours, and I'm ready for him to go home. The sad thing is that he's been much, much less obnoxious than he usually is. When he asked me if he could stay with me for a week or so because he had no place else to stay, I was a little leery, but I couldn't very well say no. I mean, what would have happened to me if my friens had said "no", when I was out of a place to live a few years ago? Anyway, yesterday he mostly played Civ II and watched that egregiously stupid "Sexiest Bachelor" pageant on Fox; so he really wasn't in my way too much, but his stuff is everywhere and he keeps finding things to complain about.

For instance, he didn't really want what I cooked for dinner. Well, I did and since he didn't buy any groceries or contribute anything but comments on how I wasn't cooking anything the way I should (which is funny because he can't cook and I've been cooking since I was twelve), I told him, "tough titty" (a phrase I've actually never had a reason to utter before). Anyway, while I'm cooking for two people, I'm going to have to switch to recipes that stretch the amount of food that I have, because if Marc isn't going to help me buy groceries, I'm not going to buy extra food. Looks like I'll be having dirty rice and stew.

My Mother is visiting on thursday and this place is too small for three people, so I wonder if Marc will still be here by then. I mean, I have two bedrooms, so I have the physical space, but there's only one bathroom and sharing one bathroom with three people is always unpleasant.

Oh well, this is my last month in this apartment, and I've survived much worse than an obnoxious friend. I can keep myself centered until he leaves.