Last night I was sitting on a couch, watching Office Space with Nick and Aaron while holding Aaron's hand and occasionally nuzzling him slightly and I thought to myself, "Damn it feels good to be a Gangsta". Then I thought, gee.. moving to Colorado was a good idea.

I'm exceptionally chipper this morning, positively giddy. In a few moments I will slide Thanksgiving dinner into the oven and play video games whilst it slowly cooks. I haven't been a mood this good in ages.

The snow in the courtyard below is melting and the sky above is clear and robin's egg blue. And Nick makes me laugh and Aaron makes me smile. And it's been a blast so far. And while I'm missing some of the people I know, I'm not missing Los Angeles at all. This might change in a week or so, but right now, I've got a dumbass grin from ear-to-ear and i'm sittin' back with my blue elmo t-shirt and grey sweatpants thinking life is sweet.

I've got it bad for Aaron, but for the first time, the idea of having it bad for someone doesn't fill me fear of trepidation, just a vague sort of sweet nuttiness. Okay, off to cook.