My first login to E2 since Wednesday, I was starting to get the shakes. I'm at my Aunt's house washing clothes and waiting to be taken to the luxurious and elegant Greyhound Station in the stylish industrial region of beautiful downtown Los Angeles from whence I will be whisked away by courteous and prompt drivers aboard a gleaming new bus towards Denver, Colorado. This log will be a brief encapsulation of anything interesting (to me)that has happened in the last week or so.

The movers sucked. They didn't give me twenty-four hours notice, they were clumsy and rude and I had the rather distinct impression that they considered personal hygiene a mere luxury and not at all a neccessity. I am fairly sure they damaged some of my nicer dishes, and I'm guessing my bundt cake pan and chafing dish are irrepably bent. I suppose the adage, "you get what you pay for" is especially true here, these movers were cheaper than other professionals by some four-hundred dollars.

I threw out lots of clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. I discovered some hideously unattractive outfits from the late eighties. In retrospect, my surfer phase seems to have been one big, lamentable fashion faux pas. Entirely too much neon orange and black and rubber sunglasses, ugh. I found my old silk shirts from High School, and suddenly realized that all I needed was a fedora with a big feather and a gold medalion and I could have been Silky the pimp. My wardrobe has subsequently been narrowed down to a few colors: burgundy, black, gray, dark blue and white. I will nearly be dressing in monochrome.

Friday afternoon I went to the optometrist and learned that my former myopia has cleared up (it was only ever mild anyway), however, I am not farsighted and need glasses for reading or staring at a computer screen. I got a cute, inexspensive pair (The frames were under 200 dollars) and arranged for them to be delivered to Denver. I also bought a new pair of shoes and looked at some heavy winter coats.

On friday night, I went to popstarz for snakeboy's birthday party. I was starting to feel a little nostalgic that night and got more than a litle drunk on cheap cosmopolitans. I'm going to miss snakeboy and quite a few other people. It was, by and large, a good night. Good mix of songs, quite a few people I hadn't seen in a long time. I was a little disappointed that Richard and Jay didn't show, but c'est la vie. I was secretly hoping that Angel would appear so I could at least say goodbye, but he didn't and that's that. I took the bus home, which was interesting at 3:30 am. I walked down to Wilshire and La Cienaga in Beverly Hills and stood in the shadow of Larry Flynt's building and stared at the sky. It was a cool and clear night and I could, for once, make out constellations in the heavens.

I kept saturday clear in case one of my prodigal friends like Emanuel or Eli wanted to spend it with me. While I did talk to Emanuel, and he did seem upset with me for moving away (despite the fact that I last saw him over three years ago), he did not mention anything about hanging out. I spent a relatively quiet night at home on saturday, sorting through papers and documents and pictures and just remembering. Found a picture of me and Angel on my 21st birthday outside edokko. Manuel took that picture.

Tonight, I leave Los Angeles. I've been here for 15 1/2 years. It's scary. But I'm also excited and a little relieved. Although I don't agree with Manuel when he says that LA is a city that makes Hell look like a theme park, I don't think it's the city for me.