The Book of Evil Catullus 1

1. Evil Catullus was bade go forth and wade into the depths of the nodegel.
2. And Evil Catullus went forth before the nodegel and trembled.
3. Evil Catullus smote the writeup Writeup by snakeboy, for it was empty and fell not on fertile ground.
4. Evil Catullus looked upon the works of Lord Phoenix who hath not returned to the realm of Everything and smote oh-so-nice for it spake only "sugar and spice and everyting nice" and was a sounded babble. Also upon the works of Lord Phoenix was Qwijm and fury rose up in Evil Catullus and he slew Qwijm which bespake "A substance that isn't a substance and doesn't exist and doesn't not exist. Qwijm is everywhere and nowhere. Qwijm is always and never. Being called Qwijm can either be the ultimate insult, or the ultimate compliment. Qwijm is worth everything, and worth nothing."
5. Evil Catullus frowned upon Lord Phoenix but passed over his nodes without slaying more.
6. And in the realm of everything death came unto Madonna by Tor, for it was one sentence and did not explain who Madonna was and was wounded by 7 who downvoted.
7. And Evil Catullus looked upon if you were the plot of a play, what plot would you be? and it was hateful to him. And he took up arms and slew writeups by kit lo, kenata and tregoweth for they answered haughtily in short sentences and did not explain themselves. They spoke only the names of the plays and added nothing, leaving confusion and anger in their wake.
8. And this was the first day of the works of Evil Catullus, whereafter he rested and offered sacrifices to nate and dem bones and added praise to their names.