I didn't get to sleep until late. And it was uneasy sleep because I was lying in bed next to my best friend who had passed out from a drinking binge and smelled like a distillery(two-dollar drinks are always a bad idea). I went to bed upset and is always the case when I fall asleep in that state, I had nightmares. In the first, I was standing in the middle of a burning house trying to rescue a book of Anne Sexton poetry (incidentally, there's a Sexton poem called "Love Letter Written in a Burning House', a fact that somehow escaped me in the dream). The books was lying on the floor without a cover. I tried to pick it up, but it wouldn't budge. The flames are rising higher but I must save this book. I look up, and a small boy tells me in a sad voice that "All things die, even poetry", and he is hit by a burning beam. I rush to save him and I get hit by another beam which pins down my legs. I wake up with a 15 lb cat on my shins.