I am playing the piano (I don't play the piano), it's a big, imposing glossy black grand piano in the sunken living room of my Grandparent's old house in Sacramento (they haven't lived there in several years, and they didn't own a piano). The music is exquisite and dark, sort of like Beethoven's Appassioniata Sonata, but slightly different in texture.

He is watching me, this beautiful, androgynous man sitting in the shadows. He approaches as I play, his eyes are the color of rosewood, but glint gold in the light. His skin looks very smooth and his lips are full. He smiles at me, and his canines seem longer than they should be. Without pausing in my song one bit, I gasp, "Who are you". He smiles at me and says in a mellifluous voice, "Alain-Michel Du Chance, although you have sometimes named me Alan Michaels".

I stare blankly at him. Alan Michaels (Alain-Michel) is my old Vampire:The Masquerade character from LARP and Tabletop, the evil, manipulative free person of color. I am still playing the piano, but I yell, "that's impossible!". He just smiles, and says, "Did you really think you made me up?"

He smiles again, and advances towards me, I want to run but I continue to play. He opens his mouth and almost gently tilts my neck, he bites me. I wake up.