I woke up at around 11 today, showered, then fell back asleep. I didn't get anything I had to get done done today, luckily it wasn't my fault so ill be able to sleep tonight
The doctor has to write me a letter explaining that I was deathly ill for the majority of the semester, so i can get a medical withdrawal, which he conveniently didn't do yet.

I only smoked 2 cigarettes today, which is a good thing. im not planning on quitting soon, but considering that for some time i was up to a pack a day +.
My dad got an HP all in one piece of junk things, scanner, printer, copier, fax, the whole kit and kaboodle. just finished setting that up on one of the machines downstairs.

Plans for the rest of the day:
-Walk to store to buy beer and cigarettes before it gets too dark.
-Crimp a few network cables and run them across my roof so the TV computer has network/internet access.
-Drink beer, fall asleep early so i can get to the courthouse to get my ticket taken care of, so i can drive to the store next time.