I didn't feel like going to class today. I woke up and remembered my brother was sick, so i decided i would feel a little under the weather as well. so i've been moping around the house, eating chicken noodle soup, mumbling to myself about how sick I feel. People called me asking why i wasnt in class, i told them i was god awful sick. Cant even get out of bed! Im perfectly fine, noone is at home, i just felt like being sick, i wanted to play the role. i should have gone to class today, I haven't been to spanish in 3 weeks. i've had very little motivation to do anything since last weekend when my ex-girlfriend decided it would be fun to hook up with 4 or 5 of my good friends while attending the same social function. that made me really happy.
Aah, you have to love it when the shit hits the fan and you see it fly everywhere. you look at the shit and you start to wonder, and then it hits you, you didnt eat any corn, but theres corn in all the shit! So most of the shit thats hitting the fan probably isn't yours, but it gets on you anyway.

Shit hitting the fan does not descriminate, it is all encompassing.

So i did the only thing a man could do. First, i joined the ULC and fulfilled my lifelong dream of being a reverend. Then, i smoked some weed and watched cartoon network.

I wish i wasnt so sick.