Antidote, a medicine to counteract the effects of poison. For ARSENIC, use tablespoonful of "dialyzed iron," four doses in two hours, followed by castor oil; PHOSPHORUS, MATCHES, "ROUGH ON RATS," large amounts of gum arabic, emetics and epsom salts; CARBOLIC ACID, use epsom salts, sweet oil, white of eggs; CHOLORAL, ipecac in water, 25-35 grains, hypodermic injection of 20th part of grain of strychnine, friction, warmth and artificial respiration; OPIUM, MORPHINE, empty the stomach, inhale ammonia, and give half grain permanganate of potash once an hour. Keep the patient from sleep, and give frequent doses of 30 grains tincture of belladonna, to keep up circulation.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.