Tie The Siren to the shaft.
Bind a feather to her feet.
Tuck her safe, into your quiver.

Now. Tell me.

Just what is it, that you're armed with? And.

If you could, would you shoot The Siren through the heart of another man?

Has a woman ever been the worst thing to happen to you? Did you hold her tightly to you, like a grudge?

Cure is nothing without disease, you see. Trust can never be repaired. Betrayed. Betrayer.

Love can be Irrevocable as The Night. Heartless as The Morning. Dawn happens with or without you. Happens no matter who your world is empty of.

Sometimes, what little Faith you have, goes on strike.

" What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

Ever get the feeling, that your soul is rejecting your body? Ever get wreckless with what people value in you, just for something to do? Ever been careless when you could have been kind? Ever awakened from a dream and felt like a child left behind? Ever shown up late for the migration?

When the music swells, have you ever turned the other cheek and feigned distraction? Ever slowed your pace by just half a step in order to wave at the ship that was to carry you away?

And. Do you know:

That at the end of the day, all it really takes is one person to accept what you're offering.

lawnjart collaboration