Outside your window. The trees. I turned the sunlight on the white bark into snow. I did it for you. Because the sky behind the trees became more Blue by contrast. Blue as True Madonna.

I turned the little leaves into Chocolate covered bees and threw them down upon the ground. You walked on them. And now, wear chocolate covered shoes. Sweet in a place no one would ever think, walking with wings on the soles of your feet. You're certain you've stepped in Shit.

Wings on your feet. Wings on my tongue.

O - you went a round with the Queen of Hearts. You're black and blue. It's just another broken thing.

You sort the rubble for artifact. Our lips gone white with cold. Is Faith really such a favor? Sometimes, inside the heatless embrace of God I can see my breath. In the cold, I climb in next to you.

Tell you a bedtime story that starts like this:

You wrote my name in gasoline and the night burned down all around us.