If you do decide to run from the sniper(s) then do yourself a favor and do not run in a straight line.

Snipers are very precise and calculating individuals. They wait for shots at their targets. Once their position is given away they are at high risk. So they obviously shoot to kill. Another factor is the movement rate of the target (i.e. you). These factors give you one tiny bit of hope, especially if you can run real fast.

If it's dark you can have an advantage because if you are lucky enough the sniper does not have a very good night vision scope. Also, if you're not a very large person you can attempt to hide behind a tree. That would accomplish varying amounts of success depending on the size of the tree and/or the caliber of the night vision scope. As you should already know if the sniper can tell which tree you're hiding behind he/she can shoot through it.

I apologize now to any and all people who are: fat, out of shape, blind, or deaf. If you have any of these qualities these instructions will not help you.

Although, If you do happen to be insane, you will not need these instructions to survive. Being insane means not having to listen to anyone...