Someone eats pad thai with chopsticks in a quiet room
with an artificial hip and a creeping sense of doom,
while she writes heroic couplets underneath a Christmas tree,
and her cousin's nephew's son-in-law sends selfie pics to me.

Someone lonely sucks a bit, and everybody feels it; life is fucking trivial, and no one gives a shit.
Reality's stochastic, and meaning's where you make it,
so fake it 'til the Reaper takes you; no one gives a shit!

Someone in a subway in Manhattan has a cold,
but he can't afford insurance, so along with getting old,
he is getting very worried at the mole that's on his thigh,
since he knows that melanoma is a nasty way to die.

Someone sickly sucks a bit, and everybody sees it; life is fucking tiring, and no one gives a shit.
Reality is spastic, and meaning's simple-minded,
so hide your ass behind a piece of cardboard while you shit.

Someone in a manor in the Hamptons doesn't care
for the sick guy in the subway or the smog that's in the air
back in sunny San Francisco, or in Shanghai, or in Rome,
but he's really rather worried that his latte had no foam.

Someone famous sucks a bit, and everybody hears it; life is fucking televised, but no one gives a shit.
Reality is plastic, and meaning's where you find it,
so hide your soul behind it, because no one gives a shit!

Someone at a Starbucks guarantees the java flows,
but every year her wages drop and cost of living grows,
so she prepares to move back in with grandma, mom, and dog,
before her student loan debt proves more worrying than smog.

Someone learning sucks a bit, and everybody thinks it; life is tearing us apart; we try to give a shit.
Reality's elastic in a worn-out pair of yoga pants,
so why not have another dance, while no one gives a shit?

Someone in a hovel saves another person's life,
and nobody has bothered to relay that to his wife
or his daughter or his dog, so his heroism dies
in a rat-infested cellar with some plague-infested flies.

Someone too heroic sucks, and nobody can stand it; life demands too much of us each time we give a shit.
Reality's a drastic thing inflicted on the unprepared,
so rather than just running scared, let's all not give a shit.

Someone dies in childbirth, and another someone's born;
someone didn't say goodbye, and no one stayed to mourn.
Someone falls down laughing when they hurt too much to weep;
Someone else has miles to go and promises to keep.

Someone mundane sucks a bit, and everybody gets it; all our best illusions really don't amount to shit.
Life's iconoclastic and it gives no explanations
or escape from its predations on our will to give a shit.

Someone with an allergy to peanuts and the truth
dies because an honest person shared his Baby Ruth,
and 'Manslaughter by Candy Bar' becomes only the latest
on a list of incidents implying God's a fucking sadist.

Everybody sucks a bit, and everybody knows it; life is fucking trending, hashtag 'no one gives a shit.'
Reality's fantastic if you never think to mind it;
we're just all a little blinded by the vast surplus of shit.

Iron Noder Challenge 2014, 29/30
Author's note: This is a song, but tune isn't easy to convey by writeup. I'll post a link once I'm satisfied with my recording.