Sometimes one finds gems in random nodeshells. Sometimes one finds that which, for lack of more polite language, must be called shenanigans. I call shenanigans on this nodeshell. I have, however, been dared to fill this shell with a linguistically scrupulous writeup, so here we find ourselves.

In the Pokémon anime, Pikachu is the companion and primary teammate of Ash Ketchum, or Satoshi, in Japanese. Pokémon usually are only able to speak the phonemes that comprise their own species name, and in Pikachu's specific case, the anime writers have taken great pains to ensure Pikachu has very consistent speech: when he is addressing Satoshi, he calls him "Pikapi;" Togepi is called "Pipipipi;" Bulbasaur - whose Japanese name is Fushigidane - is called "PikakaPika." One may easily observe that "Pika-speak" emulates the syllable counts and morae (stress and prosody) of the Japanese versions of the words Pikachu is saying.

To satisfy this nodeshell, first let us translate The Lord's Prayer into Japanese (perhaps poorly), then convert it into Romaji so anglophone noders can read the syllable prosody. Third, the Romaji of the prayer will be fed through the "Pikachizer," an online utility which converts words into Pika-speak based on their apparent prosody. Finally, a nominal effort will be made to proofread the resulting text and render it self-consistent for individual words, as well as compliant to Japanese morae.

みこころが天で行われるように 地上でも行われますように。
わたしたちに今日も この日のかてをお与え下さい。
私たちに罪を犯した者を ゆるしましたから、
わたしたちの犯した罪を おゆるし下さい。
わたしたちを誘惑から導き出して 悪からお救い下さい。
み国も力も栄光も とこしえにあなたのものだからです。

Ten no chichi yo
Mina ga agameraremasu you ni
Mikuni ga kimasu you ni
Mikokoro ga ten de okowareru you ni chijou demo okowaremasu you ni.
watashitachi ni kyou mo kono nichi no kate wo otae kudasai
Watashitachi ni tsumi wo akashita mono wo yuru shimashita kara
Watashitachi no okashita tsumi wo oyurushi kudasai
watashitachi wo yuuwaku kara michibikideshite aku kara osukui kudasai
Mikuni mo chikara mo eiou o tokoshie ni anata no mono dakara desu.

Chu chu pika-pi pi
piii ka piikaa-piika-ka pii pi
chuuuu ka chuuuu pii pi
pi-kaaa-chu ga chu ka pika-pika-pi pii pi piikaa Pika Chu-pipi-chuuu pii chu.
Pika-chu-piika Pi pika pi Pika Kachu chu pipi ka Pipi Pikachu
Pika-chu-piika Pi Chuuu ka Piikachu pipi ka Chuu pii-pika-chu Kachu
Pika-chu-piika chu Pika-pika kachu ka pika-pika Pikachu
Pika-chu-piika ka pika-chu piii ka-kaaa-pikaa-chuuu Pii chuu pikachu Pikachu
Pikachu Chu pika-pika Ka kachu pi Pi-kaaa-chu pi Kachu chu Piii Chuuuu Kachu.

Iron Noder 2019, 23/30