Eros rose, sore.

Lamp oil pooled, cooled, and congealed on a golden god, calming manic glee.

Frail wife fled- flawed, well aware, fearful.

Mnemosyne says simply this: the mansion- chill, empty; Psyche- honest in all hymns, calls in panic to pitiless Pythia… Apollo not sympathetic; so, solo, she escapes into mists, nymphs’ and imps’ lonely little celestially smitten toy.

Abased at last at Her vibrant altar, slighted Venus abuses and avenges against slight girl; tears adorn aggrieved visage… but in gratitude, ants assist, gathering grains.

Task ended, wrath and hatred dodged, kindest Eros again wedded, that gentleman with wings, to mortal maiden; what dickish gods, and what a mother-in-law!

Written for decoy hunches; entire piece uses English Prime; sentences each stay with specific sets of letters anagrammatically and lipogrammatically as suggested (this one, too).

Iron Noder 2013, 1/30