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mission drive within everything
To be amongst the highest echelon of the intelligentsia of the scientific world, and to discover a way to transport biological matter between 2 points in space instantaneously, along with other unique scientific discoveries.
Computers, AI, video games, robotics (currently in research stage), nano-electronics, hyperspace theory, etc.
Eastern Oregon University freshman
A man who has faith thinks he can move mountains, but a man with science can actually do it.
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Born in Oregon, USA Planet Earth, System Sol Galaxy "Milky Way" (or the one that's not Andromeda that we have named) in 1980 anno domini, approximately 0x17 years ago. Following standard hex notation, I should still be in high school (!)

Bah. I'm a college freshman, studying Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at Eastern Oregon University. I dream of one day attending Stanford or MIT and remaining a student until I get sick of it (which will probably never happen). Eventually, if and when I finish my collegiate carrer, I will attempt to work at some sort of lab, preferrably Los Alamos, NASA, or some nuclear physics lab doing extensive computer engineering, and possibly even nuclear engineering, although I would love to work with all things outer space eventually. My musical tastes range from everyday, main-stream rock to really screwed-up underground music, such as rare 70's techno bands like Kraftwerk and DEVO, Norwegian Black Death Metal (NBDM), Ambience, New-Age far-out music, psychedelic, funk, ICP, anything else that I find interesting or fun to listen to, such as Slipknot; they just give me that extra special, warm feeling deep down inside (sic) when I listen to them!

Things like Britney Spears, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, or any of the other pop star-of-the-week bands or artists really make me want to violently hurl, so they are totally avoided. That also goes for the "TRL" bands and "musicians" who infest our television sets every day on MTV.

Anyway, I love computers, math, computer generated babes, anime, anime babes, comics, comic babes, babes (do you see a pattern here?), Science Fiction, Star Trek, Star Wars (although not nearly as much as Star Trek), books of all kinds (except those ridiculous "pop-culture" and romance novels), memorizing things, fiddling with electronics, drinking espresso in copius quantities, watching SCI-FI shows such as X-Files, Sliders, and the Outer Limits, studying advanced mathematics 2 grade levels above my own, organizing things, studying foreign languages and cultures, studying history, studying music, collecting weird and obscure computers and other various "obsolete" stuff, the occasional exercise excursion, and whatever else interests me at the time.

Things I detest vehemently: Snobs, "cool" people, popular people, oppression, dishonesty, stupidity, the "sheep mentality", anything that has to do with pop culture, including Windows (although I must admit that I use it BUT ONLY FOR GAMES, television, Disney, cold coffee, filfth (grime and uncleanliness; I LOVE the OTHER kinds of filfth! hehe 87D), advertisements (both WWW AND television), politicians, govt. agencies who don't give a damn about their clients (and actually hinder the process of human evolution by their very plaguing existence on this good Earth), drunkeness, anything which threatens to rob me of my memory and intelligence and/or makes me stupid, Tele-Tubbies and related "cuteness", and I absolutely HATE USER-FRIENDLY ANYTHING!!!! Other than that, there isn't much else that I really hate with a passion, although even that is dynamic with me.

Chemicals used: Tobacco (very sparingly, working to get off of the mind-controlling crap), Caffeine (I just can't get enough of it!), whatever's in the food or drink that I am consuming, and on occasion I'll have a hit of the sweet-leaf when I'm really stressed out. Other than that, I generally have a clean network of bioform parts in good working order!

As you probably have guessed, I wasn't the most popular kid in school, nor was I even the least popular. I wasn't even popular, yet I managed to survive the torment that spuds all over this country endure and graduated High School in 1997, one year ahead of everyone else (hahaha!). I had a few friends, but we really don't keep in touch anymore, so I really have no clue as to what they're doing. Anyway, my grades were above average, and my IQ was (and is) over 100, approximately 123 (it could be more, I need to take an IQ test again), and I naturally gravitated towards scientific and technical pursuits, while dabbling in the arts. This was a constant ever since I could remember: When I was 2 years old, I started playing the piano (in a very limited fashion) off and on, and began reciting accumulated facts such as the alphabet, geographical data, rudimentary mathematical computations (10 + 23, for example), reading books (not the "see Spot run" crap most kids that age attempt to read), and playing with toys (especially electronic ones, such as calculators, watches, Speak-n-Spells, video games (I LOVED Basketball!)). The electronics thing quickly developed into an intense and intimate love of computers, the godly machines that we get to play with and control and interact with at a VERY intimate level! Ha! They were so much more fun than getting beat up, ridiculed or ignored while attempting human social interactions.

That isn't much of an issue anymore, but I still have a better time "interacting" with my dear computer than I have with actual people. I have friends and all that, but I just feel much more comfortable on the computer. I've met people on the computer, done countless programs on the computer, developed my intense love of video games on the computer, and overall found a lifelong companion that will never do me wrong or put me down for the way I look or talk. As long as I am on the computer, I am not an outcast or a geek (well, maybe I am, but I'll never be ridiculed because of it); I am a bipedal humanoid who has a companion for life (or until the thing breaks down).

Well, that's one hell of a bio, eh? This spud's got better things to do, so I'm going to finish this with some physical (and mental) dimensions.

H: 71"-72"
Wt: 170-175 lbs. (last weighing produced a reading of 173 lbs.)
Waist: 34"-35"
Legs: 32"
Skull diameter: 10"
Vision: 25/85 (lazy right eye)
Collar: 16.5"
Bone structure: Medium-Large (somewhere in between; not exactly large, but bigger than medium)
High School GPA at Graduation: 3.76 weighted
Planned GPA at college Graduation: 3.8+
Number of beers before drunkeness sets in: 2 at fast imbibing speed, 4 at medium imbibing speed, 7 at slow imbibing speed.(since I do most things fast, drinking is not a good idea).
Virginal Status: still there
Organ size: 3"/7"
IQ: 125-130 (last measurement yielded 127)
Shoe size: 12 std. width
Body Type: Slim/Average (not exactly a bean pole, but I'm not exactly a jock either, probably best described as a little bit of both; broad shoulders, barrel-chested and thick neck, but my ribcage can be seen under my skin and my thigs have a diameter of 5"). This is owing to the fact that my patrileneal origin is Norse, and my matrilineal origin is Gaelic/Welsh/English.

Nationality: Norwegian-German-Gaelic American with traces of Highland Scotch and Celtic in my family.

Languages spoken: English, Japanese, Binary, Machine, Norwegian.
Languages read: English, Japanese, Binary, Machine, Norwegian, German, Greek, Latin, Chinese (in limited form)
Languages with which I write programs: C, C++, Java, ASM (any arch), LISP, BASIC (very limited usage), etc.

Average TPD (thoughts per day): 30-50 TPD
Average TPTPD (time per thoughts per day): 30.2 min.,180 min.
Calculation time:
Derivatives: 10 secs.
Addition: 2*m log n secs (n is the amount of digits per number added, m is the number of numbers added)
Subtraction: see Addition
Multiplication: 2*sqrt(n)*n secs (n is the amount of numbers multiplied)
Division: see Multiplication
Integrals: Anywhere ranging from Theta(sqrt(n)) to Theta(n!) depending on the complexity of the integrand.
Hyperbolics: Around the time it takes to find the average of n numbers.
Parabolics: See square roots and multi-variate calculations
Square roots: (Constant) approximately 4-30 secs. (Variable) Depends on the operations used to solve in terms of the variable.
Multi-Variates (phi(x,y)=n): Depends on the complexity of x and y. They could be lambda variables, or simple algebraic variables.

Equations known:

other Abelian grouperations

|x|=(-b+sqrt(b^2-4ac)/2a) (Quadratic Formula)
x=b+-|a| (Linear formula)
cM(x,y)= |a0 b0 c0| z0
|a1 b1 c1| z1
|a2 b2 c2| z2

where (a,b,c)0-2 are coefficients of 3 linear bi-variable equations in x and y
with z0-2 as solution constants.

D(lambda(cM.(x,y))= a0*(b1c2-c1b2)-b0*(a1c2-c1a2)+c0*(a1b2-b1a2)

Calculus: Too many to list, it would take hours, trust me.

That's my bio! Damn, I should write an autobiography, I could go on for days writing about myself! 87D

Keep firing the spud-gun!