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I'm a 17 year old male from Alabama. I am not a redneck according to this definition.
Then again, I have a different definition of being a redneck.
My definition of being a redneck is the same as Jeff Foxworthy's. "A glorious absence of sophistication."
Yes I do have a southern accent but just as you probably can't hear
your accent (and yes, you DO have one) I don't notice mine unless hear it on tape. I go to a local
high school and think of myself as a slightly above average student. I'm heavily into video games
such as the Final Fantasy series. I have pretty much sold my soul to Squaresoft. They are going to
release a movie soon and I have vowed to not only see it in
theaters, but also to buy 4 copies for myself. I currently own: Final Fantasy 7
Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy Anthology.