This is a weird thing.

All afternoon, there have been these silly* "grandma" conversations going on in Chatterbox. "My grandmother can beat up your grandmother" type stuff.

Currently in my chatterbox window:

(Evil Catullus) my nana holds the state record for shotput.

That kind of thing.

I don't know what got the "my grandma" stuff started. I wasn't paying much attention, just sort of glancing at the box in between pretending to work.

Then it hit me.

My grandmother died exactly ten years ago, on the day before Thanksgiving.

She died of lung cancer. She went to the doctor for what they thought was pneumonia. Two weeks later she was gone. She had given up smoking about five years earlier. She always made awesome banana nut bread at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will node the recipe when I'm at home. When we briefly lived in separate states, she would wrap the bread in tinfoil and package it carefully and mail it to us. It always seemed just as good for having been shipped.

I don't know why I didn't think about it today. I'm sure my mother did. I haven't had many deaths around me yet and it is weird to think of them as anniversaries. I guess this bugged Grandma, wherever she is, and she caused all you noders to say "grandma" over and over again till I got the hint.

* Note: "Silly" was not meant in a derogatory fashion.