Well this has certainly been the oddest (and arguably the worst) week of my life.

Hermetic on Monday

The NYC/Pentagon terrorism on Tuesday

And today, as it directly affects my life, so far has taken the cake

Not that Hermetic and The terrorist bombings didn't affect me, or that they were unimportant, just that I barely knew Hermetic, and I didn't know anyone in the world trade center

Perhaps I should explain a little. (here we go...)

There's this girl. Her name is unimportant, but regardless, there's a girl. I've known her for years now. I kind of liked her for a while, and we sort of fooled around, but nothing too intense. Flash forward a year or two. I fall in love with her. Like, not just a crush... (After a short while of concideration, but not long enough) I tell her this, while she's dating some guy. No Response... oops!
It takes a while, but eventually I push the thoughts out of my mind (or at least out of my current view).
A few months later. This is where today comes in. We were out for coffee (as we often do) and we're talking about life (as we often do) and in that conversation, she ends up disclosing to me that when she was nine, she was raped by a 17 year old.

dot dot
How do you respond to something like that? All I could come up with is to hug her... I feel SOOO horrible

I think now I'm going to cry...

I don't want to wake up to see what tomorrow holds in store for me

Ryan, if you figgure out who it is, PLEASE don't say anything