Okay, so today I wake up at 10:30AM (which is particularly odd, having only fallen asleep at 5AM-ish) and there's banging at the house... I get out of bed and stumble, still only half awake, upstairs. I have no more balcony.
Apparantly my uncle ripped it out this morning, and the railing falling woke me up. So, alright... I've no more balcony... fine, I'm going back to sleep (waking to surrealism in your own house generally means it's time to head back to bed). So I go downstairs, and lie down in bed with my eyes closed. Not 3 mins pass, and there's someone knocking on my bedroom door.
"*deleted for security reasons*, wake up... you need to go to school today" It's my mom... and it's summer... why the hell do I have to go to school during summer? Then I remembered: I don't have the course prerequisite to get into Comp150. Fuck.
I email the instructor, and we have a conversation (me arguing why I should be allowed into his class, him arguing why I shouldn't) and FINALLY I convince him to let me into his class... Yay! I grab the forms, and drive down to school. His office is in the D building... the hidden one, by the shipping/receiving door. I wander around the D building for a while (I swear to god that building was made by the psycology department... fscking thing's a maze) and find his office, we spend 30 seconds filling out the paperwork, and then I go home.
What a pain in the ass of a day today was...