The Sunshine Coast is located in British Columbia, Canada.

This unique piece of coast line has many small, and in their own opinions, distinct communities. The Sunshine Coast stretches along about 60 km of coast line and never really goes more than a half dozen kilometers inland.

Despite the fact that it is less than 2 hours from downtown Vancouver the Sunshine Coast is a quiet rural area because of its isolation. There are no roads in or out this area. All residents and visitors must rely on the ferry service. There are two ferry routs, one on each end of the coast. Neither of them are reliable in the summer as they are always late due to the fact that they can’t run on time if they have a fully loaded ferryboat and in the summer it is always fully loaded with tourists.

Some of the communities on the Sunshine Coast include, Langdale, Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons (lower and upper), Roberts Creek, Davis Bay and, Sechelt. The communities I have listed cover the ‘lower’ half of the coast and have few rivalries with the exception of Gibsons and Sechelt.

What makes the sunshine coast so enjoyable is that, despite the lack of movie theaters and shopping malls, there is always something to do! Provided of course that the outdoors are for you. Through out the coast there are trails to walk, hikes to venture on, sights to see, mountain bike trails to ride, beaches to suntan at, sheltered water to kayak in, islands to explore, and most of all people to meet.