Diamanda Galas is a singer with a 4-octave range and an equally broad range of musical interests. She has created music ranging from gospel to country to heavy metal (even in the course of a single album). However, there are some constantly recurring themes in her work, mainly religion (without preconceptions, and generally quite heretically) and the human condition. She is not afraid to deal with the theme of evil, which leads conservative listeners to see her as a Satanist. She also writes at least sometimes in Greek -- and interestingly, she uses it for some extremely hateful lyrics, like "Hex" from The Sporting Life. She feels her stances are very moral, but merely express refusal to refuse to think.

She was born in California to Greek parents of Greek Orthodox beliefs.

The first time I read of Diamanda Galas was in Mondo 2000 in the early 1990s. The first time I listened to one of her albums was yesterday (so the rest of the information here is a condensation of Googling work in the last hour). Within about two hours of listening to her album, my brother-in-law's borrowed 16mm projector broke. Coincidence?