Today was possibly the weirdest, or at very least, one of the worst days, I’ve had in a long while. The World Is a Comedy opens on Wednesday. This would be fine, except for the costumes aren’t done; the makeup kits aren’t in; the set isn’t painted, let alone finished; the sound cues are wrong; the props aren’t finished…Instead of a filing cabinet, which, I might add, is imperative to the plot, we have a ladder. The fishing line breaks, so it looks a little odd when you see a human arm reach out of the “sea” and throw a fish onto the stage. Kellan is the stage manager, but people aren’t apt to listen to him when he says “Move the fuck out of the way,” even if he IS the boss backstage.

So if all this clusterfuck wasn’t disheartening enough, the lead actor and one of the costume crew girls, (who happen to be fuckbuddies), got their hands on some Absinthe last night and, after half the bottle, sent a hate e-mail to the men of Beta Theta Pi, who, while being the most ‘questionable’ frat on Hanover College's campus, is still not completed populated with “rapists.” Or at least, that’s who Marina and Steven thought they were sending the e-mail to…in their drunken ‘wisdom,’ they just replied to a forwarded e-mail…one that was a mass forward to the entire student body. So, this morning when we all woke up, we had a lovely little display of attitude to read in our Inboxes: [Note: Spelling and grammatical errors have been preserved…]

To the men of Beta Theata Pi, Each and every last one of you steaming pieces of shit. I hope you all contract syphyillus and die a long and painful death so you parents} those morons without the common sense have smuthered you at birth) can weep for the waste of flesh that they should have aborted. Do not send me anymore emails. I am a girl, who does not wish to be raped.


This is really an accusatory e-mail, but the part that really makes me wanna say “Ouch” is the fact that Steven is none other than the guy who stood up in front of Student Senate last month and spoke out against the people that had been hate-mailing and harassing Love Out Loud, the group that’s a sort of support group and club for the GLBTs here at Hanover. So yes, the guy that heartily condemned the “closed-minded” and “hateful” people that hate-mailed the gays at Hanover sent a mass e-mail to the entire student body hate mailing a frat on campus. Ouch. I mean, if not for the blatant hypocrisy there, there’s still the offensive stuff to the Betas. I mean, no, I don’t particularly like some of the guys in that frat, but I don’t like some of the guys from other frats. I mean, it may come as a shock to people, but even unaffiliated guys can be assholes.

Now that I think about it, other than the disaster that the play’s becoming, and the little campus gossip fodder for the day, I suppose it wasn’t a half-bad Monday