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mission drive within everything
Strength and Honor
Math, Running , Playing Guitar , Logic Puzzles , and Loving.
Auburn University / BE&K LLC .
"A Scotsman is a man who can take a punch , get up and laugh and embrace you as a dear friend ."
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Michael Erik McCaulley
Born: March , 26 , 1980 / Elgin , Scotland / Came to The States 1985 and settled in Boston .
Father : Pearce William McCaulley / Deceased / Never knew him .
Mom : Emily Guyer Forsythe
Big Sister : Heather McCaulley Leissonn / Married to Alfred "Shorty" Leissonn / Son David 8 , Daughter Sarah Anna 4
Big Brother : Scott "Red" McCaulley
/ "Red" for his hair and because he refuses to accept our Father's name .
Married to Rebecca Lancaster McCaulley
/ Son Hunter 8 , 2 daughters Kristin 10 and Elizabeth 6
Me : Go by the name Erik ( just like my Grandpa , The friendliest and kindest man anyone could know )
Widowed but coping well/ Kimberly Mears McCaulley May You Rest in Peace God smiled on me to have been loved by such a gracefull beauty as you . My memory of you is enough / son Erik Joshua McCaulley 4 and a daughter Natalie 2 /
Little Brother : Nate "BuckShot" Connor McCaulley / No ball and chain haha. Lucky him .

I currently reside in Maitland , Florida . I claim Cedar Creek , Alabama as my home / great people .
Maitland is nice to but been working so much , Ya know .
Grandpa William Erik McCaulley started a commercial and industrial concrete contracting corporation . I work for them as a Superintendent / Project Manager . I went to Auburn University and got my Bachelors in Building construction management and technology/ and Business Administration and cause I only needed 2 classes I got an AAS Degree in Mathematics .
I have 2 dogs "Sally" a Mastiff ( Beautiful brendel coat ) , " Buster " a Black Lab and a handfull himself .

My family are all originally from the Highlands of Scotland / Argyll .
Hope to go there some day and see relatives i correspond with over messenger and e-mail .

I like Guiness beer , I prefer Irish lager over american beer / but Budweiser is good too .
I hunt as part of the family tradition with only bows not guns / I have no patience for fishing / I play in a independent tackle football league ( No pads so to wrap the runner up with arms is a tackle haha ) I'm usually stuck playing Linebacker #42 "Devil Dawgs" 2-4 :#
Very curious , Friendly , slow to anger , Rather forgive and forget than sit and brood .
6'-4" , Blonde hair , Green eyes , slender but not skinny just athletic .
I run to ease stress . We all seem to be more Norse than Scot or Celt .
Interested in Asatru and Greek Mythology .Music I like AC/DC , John Fogerty , Kid Rock , Alice in Chains , Chet Atkins , Alison Krause , and Stone Temple Pilots .
I read Tech . Books (boring i know haha ) Game theory books and my favorite book is " The Art of War " by Sun Tzu .
@nd favorite " Dirty Jokes and Beer " Drew Carey .
Favorite quotes :
" That which does not destroy me will make me stronger. " Nietze
" Everyone said he was useless , them people was a fool , cause Curtis Loew was the finest picker to ever play the blues" Lynyrd Skynyrd
" Sorrow passes I dont ." Me , hehe
" 60 days in county and you still aint flustered ? Hell , I aint suprised , You Dumb S.O.B. ! " Scott "Red"
" You aint always the best . " Kim (R.I.P )