And don't forget:
Content Padding
Adding more content to the paper to make sure you reach a specific goal, like a word count or page count. Most frequently done after believing you had finished the paper, but then found out it wasn't long enough.

It is important to remember to try and pad your report either before, or while, writing a report.

Changing spacing, margins, and using other format techniques can make a paper look weird if it is not adjusted to fit the new settings. This can be a pain, if, like me, you get things to look good as you type, but have to mess it all up by reformatting at the end.

If you add more content to your paper, make sure it is relevant and supports your thesis. I've messed up at least two papers by adding content after I thought I was finished. In one, the extra content practically introduced a new and unsupported thesis, in the other, I introduced supports for my thesis that just seemed to detract from the argument.

Many teachers prefer a good essay to one that fits their length requirement.