Last night, my roommate drew a pentagram on the concrete sidewalk outside our door.

It is important to know that last night was also Halloween.

He was bored and he wanted to something Halloweenish on Halloween. This is when he decided to draw a pentagram.

Unfortunately, we didn't have any chalk. So, relying on his thriftyness, he used his shaving cream.

When he was finished drawing the pentagram, he decided he also wanted symbols around the edge of it. Having run out of shaving cream almost before he finished the pentagram, he found something else to complete his community decoration, an unused stick of deoderant.

The symbols around the edge ended up being roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V). Which is kind of silly when you think about it. Roman numerals don't really look all that satanic. Their redeeming quality was that the deoderant writing looked silvery. So the not-so-satanic symbols still looked cool.

We got lots of comments from people passing by. (We are across from the dorm elevator, so we got lots of people passing by, and they had to step over or around the pentagram to get on the elevator) They generally seemed to assume that one of us put the pentagram there. The only person who complained was one of my roommates friends who stepped in the shaving cream. He didn't mind too much that it was there though. Our RA stopped by and told us to have it cleaned up by tomorrow. Over all it just seemed to get people talking. (Satanic symbols are conversation starters?)

The next day my roommate tried to clean it up.
First he used water. Then water with soap. Then liquid laundry soap. This actually worked, but left a slight stain itself.
The shaving cream and the deoderant seem to have etched into the concrete.

Does anyone know how to get either or both of these out of concrete without staining the concrete worse? If so, please post it, and message me, so I can update this w/u with a link. And get the pentagram off of the floor outside my door.

Update! The chemical cleaner 409 worked excellently to get the shaving cream out of the cement. All the people walking over it to get to the elevator probably helped too.